Waves: Fiction of Fictions

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The atom is the smallest unit of a chemical element that still retains its same properties. It is made of subatomic particles: electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are made up of quarks. The atoms are grouped into molecules. A molecule is the smallest unit of a compound.

Wave .. Where is Alice? I do not see her.

Atom .. Yes, it was here, looking surprised to infinity. She gazed in an absent way, very distant, as if she were looking for some mystery. She has disappeared! I do not see her.

W.. Is she invisible? Maybe the mystery is Alice herself who, being trapped in a mirror, cannot leave her own fiction. And how can she narrate herself? How to recognize herself within invisibility through a reflection?

A .. And do you see me?

W.. I am light, I feel you, I rub myself against you. You envolve me and if you look at mee you will see waves of endless  visibility.

A .. What paradoxes of meaning! I do not understand.

W.. It is a pure becoming as Deleuze said in his Logic of Sense and he did so precisely by taking the figure of Alice and herself on the other side of the mirror, when he said that it is a very special category of things: the events, pure events. Being at the same time, larger and smaller, to appear and to disappear, and to see and not see. This is the paradox, the affirmation of both meanings at the same time.

A .. Dualities, uncertainties! We are not things!

W.. No? You lack imagination. We are language: formulas, equations, representations, pure technology in motion.

A .. Because I’m so tiny, in my brain there are always absences. I am going to read again the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat.

W.. It does not matter. Dance with your head to travel very far.

A .. I can not. I feel that my head is on my feet and the asphalt has a powerful attraction on me. I want to get my memory back to know who I am.

W.. What an irony! You, who are pure energy. Your memory is there, in the dance of cities, in the waves that emanate from the bodies that inhabit them.

A .. Look! Now  I see her! She is leaving the dark tunnel, down there, to the left.

W.. Yes, me too. But I see her at the top right, sliding through the luminous tunnel at infinite speed. Look out!, We are going to crash! I no longer see anything. Everything is empty.

Inspired by the video:  “La asombrosa composición del átomo”, of Núria Jar

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