Xanthoria parietina, disperssing itself


Lichens or lichenized fungi consist of two components or organisms living in symbiosis: one is the hyphae of a fungus (micobiont or micosimbiont) and the other are cells of an algae (gonidis, ficobiont or ficosimbiont ). They are indicators of pollution.

Taking as point of departure the fact that lichens are bodies with a double nature, they are the symbiosis of an algae and a fungus, and also considering the fact that scientists use them as biomarkers of air pollution or air purity levels in cities, I establish a possible dialogue between the air and a lichen – a visual and poetic game. In order to do do this, I propose a digital photo where you can see a thick, cloudy atmosphere crossed by a diaphanous air bubble that contains lichen inside it.

Inspired by the videos about environment

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