The infinite grid


Visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by the human eye. It lies between the wavelengths of 380 nm and 780 nm in the air. Its basic features are brightness, color and polarization or angle of vibration. It presents properties of both a wave and a particle.

The project is a videographic recording of color prints where the sky is the subject. This set of prints invokes and registers the look up towards the night sky as their own proposal.

The magenta fluorescent color of these prints appeals to the lights in the sky and the layers of the auroras where celestial bodies roam about. The Moon also describes transits along the grid of the sky in some of the prints that become full of star morphologies. The light from the sky becomes a counterpoint and a global perspective that is added to two of the videos from the Science of the City Video Contest: Les lumières dans la ville and La Lluna a Montjuïc. If these videos do represent questions located in the city and its history, the video The Infinite Grid speaks about the cover of another light and wants to turn the sky into fiction from abstraction, from the numerical textuality and the sound plane, in this way becoming another reality.

Inspired by the movies  “Les lumières dans la ville”, of Mrcopperstein y “La Luna en Montjuïc”, of Ruben Permuy

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