Video Contest

From February 28th 2011 to June 28th people are invited to submit as many two-minute video clips as they want showing scientific topics in their cities. It is contest that tries to promote fun and collaboration.

The Tech Museum sponsors the prizes listed below, but other institutions can sponsor a particular prize of their own choice. Just let us know and we will publicize it on the Science of the City site. Possible options: a prize for your city, a clip in your language, on the subject of your next exhibition, etc.

Discovery What scientific discovery have you made on the streets of your city?
+ pilot video “Urban fossils

Experiment Can you use a street, a park or a square to perform an experiment? Show us!
+ pilot video “Newton’s first law

Question Do you have a scientific question about something that happens in the city? Do you have the answer to it? Share it!
+ pilot video “Why the sky is sometimes blue and sometimes red?